The Hand that Moves the Wind

The Hand that Moves the Wind is the story of Bob, a 700 pound computer programmer, who moves to a desert mountain to live in isolation from the temptations of the developed world.

For 365 days, a cave erroded into the mountain provides Bob’s shelter and a spring inside the cave provides his only sustenance. As Bob’s body cannibalizes its own reserves, he alternately struggles and thrives in a new existence where dreams and reality are pitted in an infinite conflict to which his innermost self has become host. Eventually, Bob’s self rebels, preferring the comforts of dreams to the austerity of reality. This forces Bob to confront the destruction of the self to achieve lasting liberation from the pains suffered in a grotesque world.

Genre: Fiction/Metaphysical
Paperback $9.95 | e-book $2.99
119 pages

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