East Face

East Face is the short story of a┬ásolo winter ascent in California’s lofty Sierra Nevada mountains.

The Face is a maze of uncharted and steep climbing routes. Rock spires and towering walls of granite emerge from the face. Gullies filled with snow and ice cut deep wrinkles into the rock. One of these wrinkles became my route to the summit. I ascended alone through a gauntlet of loose rock bands, snow slopes, and vertical ice. As I climbed up I found myself in a struggle greater than the physical effort needed to pull my body through this dangerous landscape. My conflicting fears of success, failure, life, and death battled inside me. But these fears did not dissuade me from climbing higher to find the hidden paradise beyond this granite gateway. A paradise where my body and soul would be free to soar among the summits.

Genre: Non-fiction/Mountaineering
Paperback $5.99 | e-book $2.99
60 pages

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