Thanks for finding this site. It is not much, just a collection of my longer writings in one place.

I suppose I should give you a summary of my life. So here it is:

I live in California’s Sierra Nevada where I have the pleasure of working in Yosemite National Park during the summer. When I’m not working in Yosemite, I try to spend the rest of the year swimming in the snow.

My writing. I’ve written about lots of things. As with many writers, the subjects change as I age. I like to think that my writing has improved as I have aged as well. Or maybe my writing just gets to the point faster than it used to.

Here is a chronology of my books and a bit of history:

Hero of the Steppe: 2010
I was into politics and intrigue at the time. I loved reading spy stories by the likes of Graham Greene and John le Carré. So I wrote a spy novel. My opinion, it is a better policy paper than a novel. I had just finished a degree in political science, so maybe that is why. If you want to learn a whole lot about Kazakhstan and the politics of that region, I think it is a pretty good primer, even though it is partially fiction. It took about five months to write the first draft.

The Hand that Moves the Wind: 2011
At this point, I had abandoned the pursuit of a career in policy. So I wrote an existential thriller. I wrote one chapter per day. I like this book. It is weird, but we all are, so nothing new there. Some chapters shine more than others. You can read the whole thing in one sitting, maybe about 3 hours for the average reader. Writing this book inspired me to go on multi-day fasting adventures in the mountains.

Princess Geraldina: 2012
I wrote this short story over the course of several nights. It was a Christmas gift for my younger sister who likes fairy tales and fantasy stories. She liked it. So if you fancy that stuff too, Princess Geraldina will be a good read for you.

Missouri Rock Climbing Guides: 2012-2013
Rock climbing guides for southeast Missouri. That’s it.

East Face: 2014
While living in Bishop, CA one winter, I soloed a cool route up a big mountain that you can see from the town of Bishop. I worked at the hospital, and every day I would look up at these inspiring mountains. On my weekends I went into these mountains and climbed them. Then I got to look at them from work and think, “Yeah, I climbed that.” The route I climbed up the East Face was intimidating and the first of its kind for me, a challenging route on a beautiful mountain. It inspired me and set my soul on a flight that still hasn’t ended. It is short. You can read it in one sitting, probably about one hour for the average reader.

River of Hope: 2017
This book is a work in progress, and I anticipate finishing it before Christmas 2017. It is about my 1,000-mile paddling trip down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in the winter, while raising awareness for autism.