I am a transplant from the Midwest to California’s Sierra Nevada. I have the pleasure of working in the wilderness during the summer. When I’m not working in the backcountry, I spend a lot of time climbing, skiing, writing, and publishing.

My writing is focused on nature and outdoor pursuits. I have played around with fiction and poetry, but I prefer to write non-fiction. My current project is a series of mountain profiles, starting with Half Dome. If you want to stay up to date on this project, then subscribe to the blog (you can unsubscribe at any time).

This website also has a blog. It covers outdoor DIY, gear reviews, and outdoor skills. I have a passion for the outdoors, from pursuing activities in the wilderness to observing the animals and trees that call the backcountry home, and the blog reflects this. I’ve also posted some of my long-form writing to it as well.

Here is a chronology of my published and forthcoming books:

Missouri Rock Climbing Guides | 2012-2013

River of Hope | 2018

Half Dome: History of an American Mountain | forthcoming Spring 2018

I have also helped other authors bring their books to publication, including an extensive history of mountaineering in High South America, a historic cave book, a raucous title about Warren Harding’s time in Yosemite, and several award-winning pieces of mountaineering literature. To learn more about those projects, click here to go to that website.