Category: Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Wenonah Prism Canoe

The Wenonah Prism is a fast and light solo canoe that is an excellent choice for 1-2 week trips (if you travel light) or longer trips that have resupply options. I bought the Prism in the Tuf-weave layup for my solo trip from Omaha…

Gear Review: Wenonah Black Lite Elbow Carbon

The Wenonah Black Lite Elbow Carbon bent shaft paddle is fantastic and well worth the price tag. Here’s why … When I was prepping for my winter/spring paddle from Omaha to Memphis, I knew long days of hard paddling would be mandatory. So I┬ádecided…

Gear Review: Salewa Pro Vertical

I am using the Salewa Pro Vertical as my ice climbing and technical winter mountaineering boot. I need to put in more miles before I can come to a definitive opinion about the boot. But with the winter upon us, I decided to post some preliminary findings based on a few ice climbing forays into the Sierra.