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How to Engrave Rock Climbing Gear

Marking climbing gear is a challenge. Tape eventually peels off or gets destroyed. Nail polish, spray paint, and sharpie ink eventually wears off. Remarking your climbing gear is no-big-deal if you only have a simple rack. But, if you have a big wall rack, labeling hundreds…

How to silence roof rack noise

Having a roof rack for your bike, boat, skis, or other cargo is one of those things that make life a bit easier.

However, the third-party racks made by Yakima, Thule, etc. are notorious for making lots of noise, especially at highway speeds. Of course, these companies make plastic wind fairings that can help with the noise, but they are expensive (about $70 for the Yakima brand at REI). And it is just one more part that will eventually break and need to be replaced, which costs more money.