Here is the list of my books available for purchase. If you have bought my books in the past, thank you for the support! And if you are considering buying a copy, then what are you waiting for?! They’re good reads and affordable!

River of Hope: A 1,000 mile winter canoe journey for autism awareness

In the dead of winter, Joe Reidhead embarked on a 1000-mile canoe journey that would connect two of America’s great rivers—the Missouri and the Mississippi. “River of Hope” follows Reidhead down these rivers as he braves freezing water, blizzards, massive barges, and hallucinations. These brutal conditions forced him to confront his innermost fears in an environment filled with danger. As though these challenges were not big enough, Reidhead also used the voyage as a platform to raise awareness for autism—a disorder that dwells close to home for the author. ”

River of Hope” is a story of grandiose dreams and humility at the hands of nature. Along the way, Reidhead explores the history and culture of these rivers, and he discovers unexpected parallels between the struggles of his adventure and the struggles of those who live with autism.

Genre: Non-fiction/Adventure/Travel Narrative
Paperback $8.95 | eBook $3.99
108 pages

Granite Climbs of Missouri

Granite Climbs of Missouri is the most extensive rock climbing guidebook to Missouri’s granite heartland-the St. Francois Mountains. Only an hour and a half south of St. Louis, the Silver Mines, Millstream Gardens, and Amidon offer some of the best boulder problems, highballs, and short traditional routes in Missouri. The book contains over 420 documented routes, and over 275 of these are easy to moderate in difficulty. Color photos and maps help climbers locate routes with ease and speed. A glossary of climbing terms will help new climbers, and an appendix gives the stories behind some of the route names.

Amazon sells the black & white version. The color version is available at retail stores like Upper Limits Climbing Gym in St. Louis, Missouri.

Genre: Non-fiction/Guidebook
Paperback (Black & White) $19.95 | Paperback (Color) $29.95
208 pages